Monday, February 4, 2013

Andersonville Honors Gala 2013: Nominations are open!

Now that February 1st has rolled around, it’s time to nominate your favorite Andersonville businesses!  The Andersonville Honors Gala celebrates the unique spirit of Andersonville, its thriving, local business community and dedicated community members. The Andersonville Honors Gala will be celebrated Thursday, April 18th at 6pm at the Swedish American Museum. Tickets will go on sale beginning March 1!

Nomination categories are as follows:
Welcome Addition Award is a business related award for the best new Andersonville business opened in 2012, giving you the opportunity to vote for your favorite locally-owned new businesses within the "classic Andersonville" boundaries.
Good Neighbor Award is for the business that best exemplifies the spirit of community support and customer service.
Arts Organization of the Year Award for the top organization or business in the arts industry.
Services Organization of the Year Award for the top organization/business in the service industry, for example: chiropractors, mental health professionals, accountants, realtors, etc.
Restaurant/Bar of the Year Award is for the best drinks or dining establishment in Andersonville.
Retailer of the Year Award goes to the best retail business in Andersonville.
The Mathiasson Community Service Award, established to honor Kurt Mathaisson, affectionately known as the "Mayor of Andersonville," is an award the Chamber bestows on an INDIVIDUAL who most exemplifies Kurt's devotion and commitment to the ongoing vitality of the Andersonville community. Nominations will come from the community at large; the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce Board will select the winner.

The nomination period will begin on February 1st and continue until February 15th at 12pm. At that time, the top five businesses with the most nominations will be selected for consideration in the FINAL community wide vote, launching March 1. Award winners will be announced at The Andersonville Honors Gala. To cast your vote today, visit our nominations page!

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