Thursday, June 7, 2012

Things to love about Midsommarfest 2012: Beer sales support local schools

If you were looking for a reason to grab another beer at one of our Andersonville Community Beer Booths (located at Catalpa, Balmoral, and Berwyn), look no further:

Each time you buy a beer at Midsommarfet, you can help support the schools in our neighborhood!  The Andersonville Chamber of Commerce is donating a portion of our beer proceeds to 3 of our local schools: Peirce Elementary, Trumbull Elementary and St. Gregory the Great High School.

Each of these schools are providing volunteers (parents, staff, and other friends of the school) to staff the beer booths during the weekend.*

So, step right up to the beer booths at Catalpa, Balmoral & Berwyn, give your friendly beer booth volunteer a high-five and tell them you'll have another one for the kids!

*Just so you know, there is no child labor involved - what were you thinking?


  1. What about Senn High School? Too far for your reach? I am a graduate of Senn, class of 94!

  2. Also when is this fest? Would be wise to put dates if you want people to buy beer to help schools!

  3. Hi Brandi,

    The festival is this weekend, starting Friday evening at 6pm and running all day Saturday and Sunday. The opportunity to participate in earning beer proceeds was open to any local school group who was willing to provide volunteers to work the beer booths during the event. We would certainly welcome the idea of working with the high school next year.