Friday, January 20, 2012

New Ward Maps Approved

The City Council voted yesterday to approve the new aldermanic ward maps for the City of Chicago. Still containing 50 wards, the new map does spell some changes for Andersonville businesses and residents.

According to the new ward map approved by City Council, the area of Andersonville south of Foster Avenue will undergo quite a few changes when the new boundaries take effect in 2015. Now currently split between the 48th (Osterman), 46th (Cappleman) and 47th (Pawar), the greater Clark Street district south of Foster will now fall within the 47th Ward. It appears that the existing Clark Street split between the 40th and 48th ward north of Foster will remain.

For residents, the blocks south of Foster and east of Clark will almost exclusively fall in the 47th ward while properties west of Ashland and north of Winnemac in Andersonville will join the 40th ward. A small portion of Andersonville between Ashland and Clark north of Carmen becomes part of the 40th as well. This shift in changes to the boundaries south of Foster spreads west as the 40th ward will encompass parts of the Lincoln Square neighborhood, moving south of even Lawrence Avenue in some places.

To see the new ward maps or search for your ward, enter your address at the Tribune's website and compare the new and old maps at

Note: We have experienced some discrepancies with using the map as properties close to boundary lines tend to generate mixed results.

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